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Do you offer layby?

Why yes, we do! Unfortunately we’re unable to offer our layby service online. Layby is available in store or via telephone, so if you'd like to start a layby email or call us on (03) 9639 9636.

Our layby term is 6 weeks with 30% minimum deposit. We don't offer layby on sale items. We don't charge additional layby fees, however if you default on your layby and it is cancelled the initial 30% deposit is forfeit.


What is your returns policy?

We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. All items are quality controlled and checked for any faults before they are dispatched. If you have concerns about an item that has been delivered to you, please contact us immediately.

Before you step out to show off your beautiful new shoes it’s best to check that they are the correct size by trying them on a carpeted floor. If they’re the wrong size or you have concerns about the fit, stop wearing them and contact the store to consult us about the fit or arrange a return or exchange. If the shoes are a good fit, we say head out into the world and show everyone how good you look!

Purchased items may be returned to us directly for exchange, store credit or refund (where applicable) within 7 days of receipt. Please note we are unable to offer refunds for change of mind returns.

Returns are processed within 2-3 business days of receipt of the returned goods. Our full returns policy can be found on our Returns page.


How long will my order take to ship?

This will vary according to where you are located. Orders are packed and shipped within 2 working days of the purchase. If you’re in Australia your purchase should be delivered within 2 to 5 working days. If you live outside of Australia your purchase should be delivered within 3 to 7 working days, dependent upon your location.


What are the largest/smallest sizes you carry?

In our women’s range we stock from European 36 to 42 and US 6 to 12, however we can’t guarantee that we’ll have all sizes in stock at all times. In our men’s range we generally stock from an EU40 to EU47, although we aren’t always able to stock largest and smallest sizes in all styles. Available sizes can be found on individual product pages.


Do you have shoes that suit wide or narrow feet?

They sure do! Although each style isn't produced in a variety of width fittings, all of our labels offer a range of different lasts (shoe shapes) that suit different types of feet. At soleDevotion we pride ourselves on our ability to find a style and fit to suit almost any shape of foot. Have a chat to our friendly and knowledgeable staff or email us directly if you'd like some assistance to find the most suitable styles for your feet.


Are the shoes real leather?

All of the shoes at soleDevotion are the real deal, made with high-grade genuine leather uppers. Occasionally we stock styles that are made from cotton canvas. Please see individual product descriptions for specific details, as lining materials vary from style to style. If you have specific enquiries about the materials used for particular shoes, please get in touch.


Where are the shoes made?

The shoes stocked at soleDevotion are handmade in a variety of locations including Portugal, Germany and Melbourne. Each label stocked at soleDevotion uses specialised manufacturers they know and trust. All styles are subjected to stringent quality control standards and are produced with great care.


Have you got any tips on how to look after my shoes?

We do indeed, how long have you got? We could wax lyrical about shoe care all day. Jump to our Product Care page for the full low down. If you have any specific concerns about caring for your shoes contact us directly.


Can you recommend a good shoe repairer?

We love recommending our preferred cobblers! Finding the right shoe repairer can be a process similar to that of finding a hairdresser or dentist that you trust. There are several shoe repairers in Melbourne that we recommend, depending upon your location and what kind of repairs you need. Please contact us for recommendations and we'll advise the best course of action.


If you are not local to Melbourne, please feel free to contact us to discuss repair options. Please note that only some Trippen shoes can be resoled in Melbourne; certain styles can only be resoled by Trippen in Germany, following their condition assessment of the shoes.


What is a last?

A last is a shoe shaped form that is used to make shoes. In the manufacturing process, leather is moulded around the last to give the shoe's upper its shape. This process is called 'lasting' and is performed by hand or machine. We often use the term 'last' to refer to the shape of the shoe itself. Every last in our store has been designed with the foot's shape in mind and to fit different kinds of feet. Consequently, not every shoe will suit your foot but the ones that do will fit very well!


What is veg tanned leather?

This is leather that has been processed using plant derived tannins and natural dyes, as opposed to heavy metals and harsh chemicals. Some leathers are dyed with a combination of natural and synthetic materials. We love veg tanned leathers. Chrome and other heavy metals often used in the leather tanning process can cause allergic reactions, whereas veg tanned leathers are gentle on sensitive skin. Veg tanning also retains the natural qualities of leather, including grain. It develops more character as it ages and the natural patina builds with touch and wear.


Why do some veg-tanned leathers change colour?

Some veg tanned leathers change colour with exposure to heat, light and other elements. This is because the colour of veg tanned leathers is less stable than chrome or synthetically tanned leathers, so is more sensitive to staining, heat and moisture. As a general rule, lighter natural coloured veg tanned leathers will change the most, and can become much darker in tone or develop a brown tone. If you would like to know more about how the leather of a specific shoe may change, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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