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Product Care

Follow these shoe care tips to help ensure you get the most out of your shoes:

  • Keep leather nourished with appropriate product. Leather can become brittle when overly dry, drastically shortening its lifespan. For most leathers we recommend a neutral or tinted leather conditioner or a good quality polish.
  • Pale and brightly coloured leathers can stain relatively easily and generally mark and scuff more readily than darker leathers. Treat with weatherproofing spray regularly and avoid wearing when cooking or drinking red wine.
  • Consider using a shoehorn - they’re really handy. Always undo shoelaces and buckles before putting shoes on or taking them off.  Remove shoes by hand to avoid placing excess strain on shoes and laces. Stepping on the back of your shoes with the other foot to remove them will cause damage. The same goes for kicking shoes off.
  • Excessive moisture (including water and perspiration) can damage the leathers and glues in your shoes. If your shoes become wet, gently wipe down and allow to air dry naturally. Never dry shoes close to a heat source or in the sun.
  • Correct storage - When boots are not being worn, store stuffed and lying flat to protect zips from sagging (sagging is a leading cause of zip problems).
  • Examine your shoes regularly and don’t wait too long before having them repaired. Nip any potential issues in the bud before they become more difficult and expensive to repair.
  • Half soles - Good quality rubber half soles are recommended for leather-soled shoes. They help protect the leather underneath from wear and also provide extra grip underfoot (leather soles can be slippery).
  • Heel lifts - Rubber heel lifts are generally replaceable, either with a brand-specific or generic part. Keep an eye on your heel lifts and have them replaced before wearing into the heel block.
  • It's a good idea to rest your shoes for a day or two in between wears - this helps to keep your shoes in the best possible condition. Remember, the more frequently and heavily you wear your shoes, the shorter their potential lifespan.
  • If you need to use inserts or orthotics, please do so with care. Our shoes have not been designed for use with orthotics and their use may void any product warranty.
  • Normal wear and tear must be allowed for. No shoe is indestructible, regardless of the quality or price point. Issues arising from wear and tear do not necessarily constitute a manufacturing fault. If you notice a problem with your shoes or have concerns about how they are wearing, discontinue use and contact soleDevotion.

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